Oncosem Gulf

Oncosem has been in the health care service sector since 1996.

In 2007, with the gained experience, Oncosem engaged throughout Turkey with Chemotherapy Drug Preparation and Administration Services and Center operations. As Oncosem worked with these systems for more than 4 years, the advantages and disadvantages were investigated in details. After nearly 3 years of research, fully automatic antineoplastic drug preparation device was developed under “OncoCare” trademark. The technology is patented around 148 countries in the world including EU.

Currently Oncosem is operating with more than 200 team members specializing in various disciplines within the company, including engineers, biologists, chemists, pharmacists and doctors.

Oncosem operates in different countries as;

  • Oncosem UK
  • Oncosem Gulf
  • Oncosem Russia
  • Oncosem Kazakhstan
  • Oncosem Ukraine

The main objective of Oncosem is to transfer and export its expertize in chemotherapy drug preparation and administration services to other partners around the globe. Oncosem Gulf is strategically crucial for Oncosem because GCC countries have high standard service requirements.

Oncosem aims to ensure same high quality standard drug preparation and administration service by providing a variety of services as;

  • Clean Room Design and Construction (USP, GMP and othe national standards)
  • OncoCare Automated Chemotherapy Drug Preparation Device Installation
  • Drug Preparation and Administration Personnel Training
  • OncoCare Software Integration
  • Drug Administration Area Design, Contruction/Restoration and Furnishing

Once provided an appropriate area inside an existing hospital, Oncosem is able to provide drug preparation and administration service as a whole.